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P90X3 Schedule PDF


Track your progress with a printable P90X3 schedule

P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program created by Tony Horton, creator of P90X, P90X2, and P90. It is designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day. It combines highly structured workouts, with the plateau-smashing P90X3 calendar.  There are actually 4 different P90X3 workout schedule options: P90X3 Classic Schedule, P90X3 Lean Schedule, P90X3 Mass Calendar and the P90X3 Doubles workout schedule. So just pick the schedule that is best for you and fill out the form below to receive the link to print out your P90X3 schedule PDF. If you are familiar with the P90X Workout Calendar, these are very similar.

The P90X3 schedule is broken down into 3 blocks

No matter which P90X3 schedule PDF you choose P90X3 Classic, P90X3 Lean, P90X3 Mass or P90X3 Doubles, the breakdown of the P90X3 schedule is one of the keys to the program’s effectiveness.  The first two blocks of the P90X3 schedule PDF are each 4 weeks long and are followed with a 5 week block that finishes out your 90 days with P90X3.  Additionally, when you are finished with the P90X3 classic schedule, you have the the option of taking on another 4 weeks of workouts known as the “elite block”.  The elite block DVDs are included in the Deluxe P90X3 kit and the Ultimate P90X3 kit.  They are also available separately below.

Just choose the right P90X3 schedule for you

The workouts you will be doing and the sequence of those workouts depends on whether you choose the P90X3 Classic Schedule, the P90X3 Lean Schedule, the P90X3 Mass Schedule or the P90X3 Doubles Schedule.  Each P90X3 schedule is carefully designed to help you reach your specific goal.  You will also need to adjust your nutrition accordingly.  This can easily be figured out using the P90X3 nutrition guide.

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P90X3 Schedule PDF

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