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P90X Workout Equipment

The P90X workout has become one of, if not the most popular home workout system of all-time.  If you ask those who have shown the dedication to complete the full 90 day program, you will hear how amazing this program is.  I have written this article in addition to my P90X Tips article to cover the P90X workout equipment needed.  In this article I will discuss the “must haves” and some optional pieces of equipment.  All of the equipment needed for P90X program, with exception of the dumbbells, can be purchased here.

P90X Workout Equipment Requirements – “must haves”

  • This may seem obvious to some, but the first of the P90X workout equipment needed in the “must haves” is the P90X workout program itself.  I realize that a lot of people borrow just the DVDs from people, but the nutrition and fitness guides are VITAL to your success with P90X.
  • The second of the P90X workout equipment requirements “must haves”  is dumbbells or resistance bands, these are the weights required for P90X.  Tony Horton is one of the best at creating his workouts with modified exercises to ensure that everyone is able to achieve success!  So it is possible to complete all of the resistance exercises with resistance bands.  With that being said I would personally invest in some adjustable dumbbells.  This can be found at any sporting goods store, Wal-Mart, Target, etc…  I understand that for everyone this will not be possible, so any combination of bands and dumbbells would work just fine.
  •  The third of the P90X workout equipment requirements “must haves”  is a chin-up bar or resistance bands with a door anchor.  The best choice would be to use a chin-up bar, specifically the P90X Chin-Up Bar.  I know a lot of people are tempted to do what I originally did and went the cheaper route of purchasing one at a local department store.  Let me tell you from personal experience I ended up wasting that money because I eventually ordered the P90X Chin-Up Bar and it is a lot better.  If using the P90X Chin-Up Bar is is not a practical option, here is another of my P90X tips, you can get a “resistance band door anchor” and attach your band to the top of your door.  In the videos you will see them using this method.  All you have to do is head over to Amazon or ebay and search “resistance band door anchor” and you will be able to find one for under $10.
  • The fourth of the P90X workout equipment requirements “must haves”  is a good yoga mat.  Even though a lot of people have a hard time completing Yoga X, it is a part of the program.  That means you should be as comfortable as possible during yoga.  You can pick one up at most department stores or you can get one here.  If you have a hard time completing Yoga X, check out these alternatives to Yoga X all created by Tony Horton.
  • The fifth of the P90X workout equipment requirements “must haves”  is the right and proper P90X schedule for you.  When you receive P90X program, it comes with three different workout schedules:  Classic, Lean and Doubles.  Your personal goals is what will dictate which of the workout schedules is right for you.  Even though the fitness guides have the schedules in them, many of my clients have found these printable P90X schedules to be more useful.
  • The sixth and last of the P90X workout equipment requirements “must haves” are worksheets.  This is a great way to track your progress with P90X.  In the words of Tony Horton, “how do you know what to do if you don’t know what you did?”  You can get them here.
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P90X Equipment Requirements – Recommended

  • The first of the recommended P90X equipment requirements is a FREE Team Beachbody Coach.  This is where I come into the equation.  I personally have completed P90X and had great success.  That is why I became a Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I want to help other people experience the same success that I did while doing P90X.  After completion of P90X I dropped my gym membership and continued to use Beachbody in-home fitness programs.  By using the button below to register, I will become your offical Team Beachbody Coach!  You will then be able to rely on me as an added resource in your journey through P90X.  Whether you need some questoins answered or just some encouragement and support, I will be here!
  • The second of the recommended P90X equipment requirements are power stands.  Tony Horton designed these power stands to create a more neutral and natural grip for doing push-ups.  This helps to lessen the strain on your wrist and forearms, while putting the the focus back on your muscles allowing you to strengthen and sculpt your arms.
  • The third of the recommended P90X equipment requirements is E&E Energy and Endurance.  This is one of the best pre-workout drinks I have tried.  It will help Improve your energy, endurance, strength, and focus during your workout without any “crash” or “jitters”.  This has helped me to take my workouts to the next level.
  • The fourth of the recommended P90X equipment requirements is P90X Results and Recovery. A key piece that many people forget when working out is post-workout nutrition.  This is when your muscles rebuild and strength.  Without the proper post-workout nutrition much of your hard work will go to waste.   This is a post-workout formula that was originally designed by Beachbody to go along with P90X.  After a hard workout the last thing you will want to do is spend time measuring the correct amount of protein and carbs to maximize your workout.  That is why this formula is so great, just mix one serving of this formula with water and you are done.  Not to mention, it taste great!
  • The fifth of the recommended P90X Equipment requirements is Shakeology.  I will say it again in another way, nutrition is just as important as “pushing play” and working out.  That is why so many successful P90X grads have made Shakeology a part of their daily nutrition.  This is by far the most comprehensive and nutrient-dense meal replacement shake on the market. Shakeology also takes all the guesswork out of getting the proper nutrition in your daily nutrition.  At around $4 per serving a lot of people elect not to go with Shakeology.  But there is nowhere else that you will be able to get all these supplements (proteins, greens, vitamins, probiotics, amino acids, etc…) for that amount.  For my wife and I we thought long and hard about ordering Shakeology, but we decided to look at it as a reallocation of our funds.  So I would encourage you to strongly consider making Shakeology a part of your daily nutrition.

P90X Workout

P90X Equipment Requirements – Optional

  • The first of the optional P90X equipment requirements are yoga blocks.  These are block that are used to help you stabilize yourself during postures.  Yoga blocks can also help you deepen your stretches and postures.  For some people these would be very beneficial.
  • The second of the optional P90X equipment requirements is a heart rate monitor.  This can be a great tool for moreP90XEquipmentRequirements1 than one reason.  First and foremost it will allow you to make sure you are in the proper “zone” for the cardio workouts.  But it can also be a great way to motivate and push yourself.  A lot of people like the strapless versions because they are more convenient  if you are looking for accuracy, go with one with a strap
  •  The third of the optional P90X equipment requirements is a Chin-Up Max.  This is a great piece of equipment that assist you in doing chin-ups.  I personally did not get this until I did INSANITY Asylum, but I wish I would have gotten it sooner.  It truly gives you just the right amount of assistance in doing chin-ups to help you progress.  This is great when you get to the end of your workout and your muscles are wasted and you want to still do some of the work.  So if you cannot currently do a lot of chin-ups unassisted this might be a great piece of equipment for you!

I know this list might seem overwhelming to some, but no matter how much or how little of this list you get, your determination and consistency is what will determine your success.  So remember to keep “pushing play” everyday and stay disciplined in your nutrition.  No matter how amazing you may be in your workout, you will never be able to out work poor diet!

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