Looking for a printable P90X Lean Schedule? This P90X Lean Schedule can be printed time and time again.

Are you wanting to do the P90X Workout Program, but want to focus more on losing unwanted fat and “leaning” up?  Are you wanting to do more cardio work than muscle building?  Are you not s
ure how to go about this?  Well you have come to the right place.  This P90X Lean Schedule utilizes the same 12 DVDs that Tony Horton created for P90X.  The P90X Lean Schedule is also based on 13 weeks.  The difference with this schedule is that the P90X Lean Schedule puts emphasis on the DVDs that will really help you to lose unwanted fat.  The P90X Lean Schedule focuses more on cardio and less upper body resistance.  If you follow this P90X Lean Schedulyou will burn more calories and build lean muscle.  The P90X Lean Schedule is a great alternative to the regular P90x schedule.  So if you are looking to get “lean” then I would highly recommend this P90X Version. If you are looking for the P90X Classic Workout Schedule you can go here.

P90X Lean Schedule

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