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INSANITY Tips to get started with INSANITY on the right foot

I will get questions from people all the time asking for INSANITY tips for beginners.  That is the purpose of this post to give you my tips for doing INSANITY.

These tips for starting INSANITY workout are based on my personal experience in completing INSANITY.  My first time doing INSANITY I wish I had somebody to give me some INSANITY tips.  I had just completed P90X when I started INSANITY so I thought I was ready and knew everything I need in order to complete the program.  If I am honest, I was not ready for what I was about to begin.  I hope that you find these INSANITY tips helpful as you begin your journey in this fitness program.  Remember these INSANITY tips are based on my personal experience, so learn from my mistakes and take these INSANITY tips to heart.

Tip 1 View the Dig Deeper DVD

The first of my INSANITY tips is to take the time to watch the Dig Deeper DVD.  This DVD will prepare you for what to expect throughout the program.  INSANITY has a major focus on cardiovascular training, this is accomplished through interval training.  In this DVD Shaun T the trainer behind INSANITY explains his style of interval training and why it has had proven success.  He will also take time to demonstrate the basic moves that you will see in INSANITY, so as the first of my INSANITY tips says take the time to learn these moves and get the form down.  Compromising the moves will not help you reap the maximum possible results!

Tip 2 Read the Fitness Guide

The Fitness Guide for INSANITY is short and sweet, so the 2nd of my ISANITY tips is to take a few minutes and give it a quick read.  It will help you better understand what is in store for this fitness program.  I feel that you can never be prepared enough both physically and mentally for what you are about to do to improve your overall fitness.

Tip 3 Read the Elite Nutrition Plan

It is extremely important when doing an extreme fitness program like INSANITY to make sure that you have a good understanding of what to eat and when to make sure that you are properly fueling your body.  Like I mentioned earlier, I did INSANITY right after I completed P90X , so I had changed my eating patterns to be eating a healthy diet.  After reading the Elite Nutrition Plan, I was surprised with INSANITY that I had to increase my daily caloric intake to ensure that I was fueled to complete the 60 day program!  So please don’t take INSANITY tip #3 lightly.  I would have never know this if I had not taken the time to read the Elite Nutrition Plan.

Tip 4 Take the Fit Test and Your Measurements

As an educator, I understand the importance of gaining a baseline when collecting data.  The same is true with fitness, a good baseline is needed to see gains.  So INSANITY tips 4 is to take the Fit Test and your measurements.  The Fit Test will provide you with just that, a baseline to compare your progress against.  Equally important is to take your measurements.  This may be painful emotionally to do, but trust me you will be glad you did once you have completed your 60 days of INSANITY!  It is important to take accurate measurements to ensure you can track your progress, so be sure to read this post on how to take body measurements.  If you need a body fat test you can get one HERE.

Tip 5 Take Your BEFORE Photos

This is another one of the INSANITY tips that can be very hard emotionally for some people. For some people taking pictures of themselves with their shirt off is the last thing they want to do.  Again, with the previous two INSANITY tips this acts as a great baseline for you in your fitness journey.  Looking back at my first before photos is incredibly motivating for me to stay healthy!  Again, it is very important that this be done correctly, so read this post on how to photograph your transformation.

INSANITY Tips Results

“I have abs. I have arms. I have definition all over my body. And I did this in 60 days with INSANITY. That’s it.”

-Rachael J.

INSANITY Tips Results

“INSANITY builds muscle while stripping away fat. These results… this is what comes from the INSANITY workout…”

-Ritchard N.

Tip 6 Find a Workout Buddy

Something that I am reminded of time and time again is the difference that working out with somebody else can make.  Whenever  I workout with someone else I am amazed yet again how hard I can push myself.  INSANITY tips 6, find yourself a friend or group to workout out with.  If you cannot find someone to workout with, then don’t worry, Team Beachbody has provided the perfect place to connect with like minded people.  Just find a buddy in the TEAM BEACHBODY COMMUNITY and invite them to workout with you in the WOWY SuperGym.  So, as this INSANITY tips says, whether you are being held accountable by someone in person or via the Internet, it does not matter, all that matters is that you have an accountability partner.

Tip 7 Pace Yourself the First Week

When I first started INSANITY I learned my lesson from P90X!  Also remember that this is a 60 day program, it is not a sprint.  INSANITY tips 7, pace yourself!  Do not get too focused on the number of repetitions you do or the amount of weight you are lifting.  Focus on learning the moves and getting your form down.  Also, do not get caught up on trying to keep up with the people on the DVDs, most people cannot keep up with them the first week, but by the end you should be able to hang with them.  Know that you will be sore and it will suck, but remember why you are doing INSANITY.  Like INSANITY tips 7 says, pace yourself.  The soreness will decrease as you progress through the 60 days, but remember that things that are worth doing are not always easy!

Tip 8 Wear the Proper Shoes

This may be one of the most important of the INSANITY tips I give in this blog.  This fitness program is loaded with jumping and fast footwork; that is why it is crucial to have the proper shoes.  I would recommend investing in a good pair of cross trainers that will provide you with cushion, flexibility and support.  You can usually go to a running store in your area and they will often have treadmills and other technology where they can help you find the best shoe for you.  I personally started off with the shoes that I wore through P90X (which they worked great for), but when I was wearing them for INSANITY I was having a lot of arch pain.  So I went   down to my local running store and they were able to hook me up with a great pair of shoes that were worth the investment!  So listen to INSANITY tips 8 and wear proper shoes.

Tip 9 Stretch Longer than Shaun T

INSANITY tips 9 may not seem that important, but when I started INSANITY I did every workout exactly as it was supposed to be done and I found myself really sore.  After about 2 weeks of this my wife and I started stretching longer both before and after the workouts and it made a world of difference.  So INSANITY tips 9, do not be afraid to push pause and stretch a little longer to ensure your muscles are well stretched before you begin, especially your legs!

Tip 10 Fuel Your Body

The final of my INSANITY tips has many parts.  Whenever anybody is going to be doing a workout routine that has them working out intensely for 6 days a week it is crucial for them to fuel their body!  I would say that most of us do not have a problem getting enough lean protein in our diet, but I know a lot of people are like me and struggle to get enough “color” in our diet; we do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.  What I have done is added SHAKEOLOGY into my daily nutrition.  Shakeology does a tremendous job of filling in the “gaps” of my diet.  It is loaded with: “protein and essential amino acids help build muscles and reduce food cravings, prebiotics and digestive enzymes aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption, antioxidants and phytonutrients help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases, a daily dose of vitamins and minerals provides your body what it needs to function for optimal health.  It is truly “The Healthiest Meal of the Day” and I eat mine for desert!  One of my INSANITY tips, consider using Shakeology.  So if you want more info on Shakeology just click here.  One of my INSANITY tips is to find a high quality pre and post workout supplement.  My favorite pre-workout supplement is E & E Energy and Endurance pre-workout formula.  For my post workout supplementation, I have found P90X Results and Recovery Formula to not only work the best, but also taste the best!

My hope is that you found these INSANITY TIPS helpful.  I would love to be able to answer any further questions you might have and provide any other INSANITY workout help you may need along this journey.  You can sign up for a free membership by clicking the button below.

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